1980 Mongoose


This is my original (2nd owner) vintage Mongoose BMX bike that I fully restored myself using all the original parts when possible and triple chrome plating the frame and polishing all the aluminum and chromoly parts to a mirror finish.

Every piece is either original, chrome plated, polished, or replaced new (NOS.)

My dad bought this frame used for me in the late ’70′s or early ’80′s from a bike shop so I am the 2nd owner.  I built the bike to my custom specifications with all the top parts and rode it until high school.

Original items:  Shotgun II seat, Araya rims (fully disasembled and hand polished to a mirror finish, including polished spokes), takagi chro-mo cranks (best 1 piece cranks at the time), seat post clamp, forged aluminum neck, neck stem bolt and nut

New Old Stock (NOS) replacements:  torker handlebars, gt layed back seat post, forks, bear claw pedals, sprocket, chrome chain, wheel stops, comp II tires, hand grips, hubs (changed to freewheel and metal finish), bearings and bearing seats, neck clamp bolts, fork-head bolts/washers

This is not a nickel plated Mongoose, this is show quality triple coated chrome plating of the frame with all the other parts professionally polished to a mirror finish.

The frame is the frame with the main tubes all chromoly.  It is not a team frame, however.

This doesn’t have all the vintage stickers because it looks better without them.  It’s a custom job by someone who was riding this bike in the 1980′s and in the BMX scene and loves this bike and knows what looks good and what doesn’t look good.